Customer Testimonials


" Good Day! I am using this mode of communications with your company, since others are cumbersome or non existent. Yesterday Wed. 2/18, due to the problems I have been having, I went back to your site, found a chat capability and met James Hades on the other end, representing you. I want to say that this young man, in Singapore, he tells me, was an absolute blessing. The young man spent near 2 hours with me, trying to iron out the difficulties between your site and Pay Pal which has prevented me from completing an order. I hope in the future that the problem has been resolved. I would like to tell you that Mr. Hades is extremely polite, obviously patient, very knowledgeable at his craft and inventive in his thinking. In my opinion, you could have no better representative in your company. I would hope that some sort of recognition could come his way. Utilizing the Internet for shopping, introduces one to many, in my belief, near idiots and they seem to get away with it. James Hades stands head and shoulders above them and he has my great appreciation for assisting me in a very frustrating situation. I would appreciate it if he and his superiors, could receive a copy of this note. With Regards Charles L. Scott II "
Charles L. Scott II

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