Customer Testimonials


" I got my watches a month ago and wanted to use it before leaving my feedback. Well i must agree what you guys say about your watches are absolutely true. Your watches are really durable! Well here's what happened. I was wearing the watch and playing soccer with a bunch of friends and a smart ass friend of mine decided my face was the goal post and kicked the ball so hard that my first reaction was to block my face with both my hands. Unfortunately the ball hit my watch and the first thing that ran through my mind was there goes my G-Shock. To my surprise, the watch was still intact and working fine. My friend ran over asking if i was ok and uttered the words "wow these original G-Shocks are really strong" and my reply was "guess what, this is a replica". Instantly with their shocked faces, they made me send them your web link and i'm guessing they have all placed orders with you already. I guess i'm a walking testimony for you guys LOL! Anyway keep up the great work guys. Absolutely love the watches! "
Smith J.

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