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G-ShockFactory.com || A Brief Explanation of Our Company & Products.

If you are looking for cheap G-Shock watches then you have definitely come to the right place. We strive to bring our customers good quality class A reproduction G-Shock watches at the lowest price possible. We take pride in our quality and wouldn't go for anything lesser. All models are hand picked by our CEO to make it a pleasureable experience for our customers.

The King of Reproduction G-Shock & Baby-G Watches

G-ShockFactory.com also aims to be transparent as possible to our customers. This is why we let you know that all of our G-Shock watches & Baby-G watches product images that you see are taken by us of the product itself. We do not search the internet for stock photos and put a watermark on it and tell you that is what you are getting but when your parcel reaches your doorstep, you realize you got something that looks different. All photos are taken in a light box and uploaded on our website right away. We do not use image editing softwaress or add filters to our photos to hide their imperfections unlike some other businesses. Where is the professionalism if a company were to use filters on its photos? That is a clear indication they are trying to hide something from you. Lets leave the photo filters to instagram selfies. :)

Live Chat

In a bid to make our customers feel important & connected with us, we've also implemented a live chat feature on our website which you can ask any questions that's on your mind about our watches. This way you can feel safe and confident before going to the checkout page to pay us. You can also use our live chat to check on the current status of your order.

New Designs

We have a dedicated team to keep up with all the latest G-Shock & Baby-G watch designs daily. This way we help our customers stay up to date but also sell many vintage/retro designs for those who prefer to go old school.


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