Quality Over Quantity

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There are some people who may argue, how is our watches better or different from the ones you can get at your local night market or shopping mall. Well if we were to sum it all it, we would say EVERYTHING! Not only are our watches made from high grade materials such as ABS Plastic as compared to 99% of replicas out there that are made of cheap rubber we also have quality built machines(the heart of the watch) that run our watches. Well the strap might not make such a huge difference to some people but wearinga watch on your hand at least 6-12 hours a day will really take its toll on you. Not only will you start itching, some might also start to get rashes. This are what poor quality straps can do to a person wrist.

Secondly, the machine we use in our watches are crafted by us ourselves. This way we know the quality assurance of our the mechanism running our watches. What is a watch without its machine right? Also when we say our watch is waterproof, it really is.

Lastly, we would like to offer our customers who have doubts a deal you will definitely find hard to resist. Try purchasing one of our watches and then go ahead and purchase one from your local shopping mall or night market. Use them both alternately. In 1 month, come back to us and tell us how you feel. If you feel there are no differences or our watches are worse, get back to us with your reasoning & we are willing to give you double your money back that you've paid to us. YES! Double your money. That way not only do you get back what you paid, you also profit a little in there. This is how confident we are about our watches.

However, if you love them, then go ahead and tell your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues where to get cheap G-Shock watches & cheap Baby-G watches. Only at www.g-shockfactory.com where we live by our motto, quality over quantity.

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