G-ShockFactory.com is a company that focuses on producing and selling high end quality reproduction G-Shock & Baby-G watches. It all started when we were kids and our parents could not afford to pay such high prices for a single watch hence we ended up not being able to look "cool" like the other kids. So the thought came to us whereby why can't we not burn a hole in our pocket and still look fashionably trendy at the same time; hence G-ShockFactory.com was borned. Through a controlled processing enviroment, presice manufacturing machinery & exprienced workman who put it all together, we aim to provide our customers with the best reproduction watches available in the market.

How can we be so sure about the quality of our watches you may ask? This is because we are not just talk. G-ShockFactory.com actually have our families, friends and all employees use our watches on a daily basis. These people consist of kids going to school, teenagers, college students, construction workers, outdoor sport players & corporate company employees just so we can get feedback from them if there is any imporovement needed on our watches.

G-ShockFactory.com operates over 70 discount retail stores throughout the Asia to meet the needs of today’s fashion-conscious, value-oriented consumers.

G-ShockFactory.com success is not only because of the wide selection of high quality cheap G-Shock & Baby-G watches offered at substantial savings, but also because of the dedication of the people who provide superior customer service everyday.

Our watch consultants are trained to provide personalized service and expert advice about today’s most popular watches, as well as the classic and hard-to-find watches. Meeting this need requires three basic principles: service, selection and quality.

Because of the dedication and superior customer service offered by our associates, G-ShockFactory.com has been successful at upholding all three, while maintaining fantastic discount pricing.

All of our products are best of quality. G-ShockFactory.com does not sell poor quality night market stuff. If you have doubts with the product(s) received, contact us with your justification and we will give you a full refund immediately with no questions asked.


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