Our watches are high quality reproductions with the finest grade materials and mechanisms hence the cheaper price but look the same and also has all your daily needed features a watch should have. As a matter of fact, we dare say our watches are the highest quality replica watches available out there in the market all over the world.

You may be wanting to ask us, how are we so sure that we have the highest quality replica G-Shock watches & Baby-G watches? This is because we produce all the watches ourselves! Yes that's right, we actually own a factory that produces all the watches you are buying from us. We do not buy it of a third party G-Shock wholesaler, or G-Shock supplier like most sellers out there. This is why you would not be able to find 70% of the designs we carry anywhere else. This is what makes G-ShockFactory.com stand out from the rest. Not only do we pick what designs & watches are made, we also make sure the quality of each watches are guaranteed. We have always believed in quality over quantity where only a few replica sellers would really stand by this rule.

Never make the mistake of comparing our watches to the watches you buy at night markets or shopping malls as they are completely different. Some may look the same (because after all we are all replicating G-Shock designs) but keep in mind when it comes to quality, there will always be a HUGE difference.

Our features include:

  • Water Resistance
  • Day, Date & Month
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • World Time
  • Alarm
  • LED/Luminous Light

*All features of a watch are listed in its Product Description.

Why buy our watches?

  • Affordable
  • Save almost 80% on all watches.
  • Great in quality.
  • Durable.
  • Water Resistant.
  • So affordable that you will be able to own different designs & colors for different occasions.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.
  • We accept PayPal which is safe and secure for all transactions.
  • We do not have a minimum order requirement.
  • Our customer service is there to help you 14 hours a day.

People who should buy our watches

  • Those who want to keep up with the latest trends, look stylish & trendy but at the same time do not want to burn a hole in their wallet.
  • Those who only need the basic functions of a watch as listed above.
  • Those who want durable reproductions from a quality controlled factory instead of cheap reproductions that break in a day or two.
  • We guarantee that our watches last at least 2 years in normal daily wear and tear. How do we know? Well all of our employees, friends and families use them everyday. This is how we monitor our watches and improve them over time to give our customers to best quality possible!

So in brief, why pay 10x more when you can get the same thing at a much cheaper price and not cause any financial burden to yourselves. Try our watches out and we are sure you'll love it!

At G-ShockFactory.com we believe in quality over quantity. We are here to offer you only the best quality products.


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